Part of the Gold Kroft Kehoe Collection, from our Designer Series, this deep black and elegant Onyx Digital table linen serves as the perfect foundation.
Onyx Digital – Gold Kroft a Kehoe Collection

Large scale matte and glossy, Onyx Digital is a versatile pattern that is new and forward thinking. Part of the Gold Kroft Kehoe Collection, from our Designer Series, this deep black and elegantly patterned table linen makes for the perfect foundation for nearly any event table. You can pair it with lighter linens for a complete unique look that will make your event space stand out. It?s all in the way you layer it, that makes this collection bold and full of aspiration.

Onyx Velvet
Onyx Velvet (B)

Black is back ? and is now available in striking, luxurious plush velvet. Choose Onyx Velvet for an event table that brings a rich opulence. The velvet collection is specially woven and dyed to achieve a deep rich color that embodies decadence.? Velvet has a soft drape that creates graceful folds and a shimmering surface.? For the ultimate in luxury in daring black, create a truly unforgettable event design with Onyx Velvet? above and beyond the ordinary.

Saint Barths Black Table Linen Rental for Events
Saint Barths

Spirit your guests away to the Caribbean island of St Barths with the bold white-on-black palm frond pattern of this modern linen. Inspired by the light at the moment day meets night, St Barth mimics the dream-like shadows of evening transforming into deep black night. With dramatic lines and contrasting colors, it will set the table for a luxurious and laissez-fare island experience.

Berry Eden Floral Table Linen Rental for Events
Berry Eden

True to its name, Berry Eden?s rouge color adds a subtle intensity that accentuates any setting pieces like an apple in a wooded forest. The design draws the viewer?s eye in and keeps them guessing with curious brush strokes amid white flower blooms.

Betsy Shantung
Betsy Shantung

We have always been proud of our service men and women and this Original Design pays respect to all that are around the world for us all. Betsy Ross had the first design, but ours take just makes it more patriotic fun. With the customary Royal and Red, our design has been created with our luxurious Shantung, but still fun for all events where you want to show your pride, so do not forget our Betsy Shantung, and all your guests will want to salute you as well.

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While not strictly Spanish, the colors and natural exuberance of this floral linen are well-suited to the frivolous and sometimes raucous festivities that are famous in Spain. The colors are perfect for high-spirited events, and the exotic all-over floral design would pair well with any of the other linen in the Granada Collection. The joy is in the mix of pattern and the joyous celebration of life. Use Biscayne table linen, runners and napkins as stand-alone options, or mix them with other linen from this new series for a stunning effect!

Blumen Shantung
Blumen Shantung

Who would not want silk tablecloths draping their event tables? Our Shantung rental table linens are the way we can all afford this lusciousness. The epitome of chic fashion, Black Shantung will set the ultimate milieu for every fete, and match up with flare. Your event will be dressed even better than your guests in these fashion inspired hue and texture.

Clover Eden Floral Table Linen Rental for Events
Clover Eden

Enter your own secret garden with this illusory floral design that captures the ambiance of a mysterious wooded rendezvous. The forested tint resembles a flower grove shaded by canopy cover, creating a natural yet moody atmosphere to your tablescape.

Como Eden Forrest Floral Table Linen Rental for Events
Como Eden

Fill your party with mystery, mood and abundance with the Como Eden linen. Elegance meets mood in this blue tinted floral pattern lends a mystical feel that perfectly sets your table for a night of intrigue.

Costa Fresco
Costa Fresco

Cool and refreshing, Costa Fresco embodies where the Tuscan landscape meets the Ligurian sea. Inspired by generations of classic Italian artistry, this linen truly captures the ambiance of the Italian coast. The deep blue and golden pattern flows with calming sea tones and fluid strokes true to its Italian origins, drawing attention inward for an authentic Italian esperienza.

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Like two halves of a coin, the cool tones of Edios, the second signature pattern in the Kaleidoscope Collection, features a blue-green-violet-pink colorway that is equally inspiring. It simply speaks in a?softer voice. Lighter, but no less dramatic, Edios?offers an almost infinite array of options for extraordinary event design.