Steel Yuma
Steel Yuma

Like the metal alloy, the color of Steel is strong, but malleable to fit into all festivities.? Combined with our Yuma textile, our Steel Yuma is the perfect amalgamation.?? With a soft and supple texture to the touch, and a fragrant free finish, our Yuma linen has the look of burlap, and is the answer to your stylish creative dreams. Keeping to its historic tradition, Yuma will allow you to have the appearance of the perfect natural textile.

Shantung Stone
Stone Shantung

Who would not want silk tablecloths draping their event tables? Our Shantung rental table linens are the way we can all afford this lusciousness. Naturally occurring along your favorite walking trail, Stone Shantung is a brownish-gray in the Taupe family. It is definitely the neutral that you seek when craving a modern sleekness for your next fete. Your event will be dressed even better than your guests in these fashion inspired hue and texture.

Vintage Paisley
Vintage Paisley

Large, swirling paisley are given a rustic and chic update in our Vintage Paisley linen. Various shades of blue-grays and ivory-taupes deliver depth and contrast to the background while ivory tones create the stylish paisley overlay on the subtle texture of the linen. The Vow Collection features traditional colors with a modern twist, providing the perfect balance of style and elegance for that special day.

Black Allure
Black Allure

Shimmering gold and silver accents bring out a sophisticated gleam of the deep black hue of Black Allure linen. The metallic shimmer perfectly balances with the rich black, creating drama and appeal. The Alloy Collection linen has metallic shades woven into a soft, shimmering fabric that drapes softly and elegantly, for a gorgeous, sumptuous base for a special occasion table.

Aria Black
Black Aria

20″ X 100″, with a 1/2″ hem on the sides and scalloped ends ? (Center seam) ? Photographed over Platinum Lamour ? Singing a beautiful song of beauty, our Aria line is just the right note for your next soiree.?? Constructed in homage to its namesake of lace making, these runners have a three dimensional feel and a look like no others in our line.?? Available in five fashionable hues, they are the perfect mix for your tables’ ensemble.

Black Bengaline
Black Bengaline

Texture is still the most sought out item in tablecloth linen rental. Bengaline is that tablecloth with the subtle ribbed texture, with just enough sheen to not fall flat. Ethereal and ebony, Black is the epitome of elegance, and the ultimate backdrop for any celebration.

Black Calypso
Black Calypso

Feel the breeze coming off of the ocean and the smell of salt in the air. All will marvel at the feeling of the islands they will get with the timeless print of a plethora of palm fronds that come together for our Calypso design. Whether one is remembering the fantastic island music of the central parts of the world, or the mythological nymph, your guests will have plenty to talk about. Available in five harmonious shades, our Black Calypso is the perfect partnering of the deep ink hue woven with a stone tan. Find the perfect match within your visions, since you will be hard pressed to find a color that will not look superb within this island dream.

Black Classic Hemstitch Overlay
Black Classic Hemstitch

Photographed over White Classic ? A Timeless Beauty. Elegance and sophistication that never goes out of style, our Classic Hemstitch has traditional delicate stitching within this linen/cotton textile feel.? A charming reminder of the textile heirlooms of our family through history, your guests will feel at home at your next time-honored celebration. Available in a myriad of colors to heighten the design esthetic of any and all events, our Black Classic Hemstitch has a 1 1/2″ border and is a deep, dark, and mysterious but will be the perfect complement for any other hue.?

Black Compass Runner
Black Compass

20″ X 108″, with a 2″ hem and straight ends ? ?? ? ?? Also Available in Table Cuffs ? Our Compass line is a geometric marvel, which is reminiscent of the center section of the tried and true navigational instrument that guides one when lost.?? So when you are searching for a new and fun item for your next event, you should find your way to this faux leather offering, which is available in myriad colors, and will aid you in creating your next event.? Available in Table Runners & Table Cuffs, our Black Compass will partner with any color on your map, and your guests will definitely enjoy the adventure.

Black Countour
Black Contour

This linen is a created with fabric that is inspired from nature and the land. With a subtle rippled pattern texture, this Damask material is reminiscent of the earth and all its greatness. Dark and mysterious, Black Contour will enhance event tables, and astonish all who attend. Truly, any d?cor will be fortunate set atop these rental tablecloths.

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Black Extreme Crush

Go Bold with our Extreme Crush table linen. Texture and pattern fabricated with a skill, and produces a look that will have all your guests amazed and wanting to feel the luxury. Available in 13 amazing hues, our black will add a perfect foundation for your next celebration.

Rent from Fabulous Events, the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the greatest selections of table linen rentals, chair covers, napkins & more.
Black Faille

Set the mood for any event with this Black Faille table linen, which effortlessly pairs with table runners and many of our other linen collections. Use it as the foundation for event tables of all types, whether you?re planning an extravagant wedding or a corporate gala. Faille fabrics have been popular in home decor and fashion for many years, and our Faille collection sets a new industry standard to maximize elegance and bring rich texture to any special occasion.