Ogee Noir Glass Charger
Ogee Noir Glass Charger

A curved S-shape often found in architecture; our Ogee Noir charger is composed of all the right decorative elements. A black pattern set on a silver background meant to evoke a creative feel while harkening back to ancient times in Greek, and Roman architecture. This culturally rich design will add a highly sought special touch to any event. All of our chargers are designed to be food safe, so you can use them in food service or to elevate your design.

Billow Silver Glass Table Charger for Rental
Silver Billow Glass Charger

Purposeful asymmetrical lines of metallic gold billow from the center of this charger giving it its name. Also available in silver, our Billow Gold charger will add clean lines and a subtle flair to your tabletop décor. A silver backing creates a lustrous filler and provides a more reflective finish.  All our chargers are crafted to be food safe, so you can use them in your design. As well as in your food service.

Horizon Glass Charger Rental
Horizon Glass Charger

With dusk the sun paints the sky a prismatic array of colors. Impressive shades of dusty pink, mesmerizing hues of blue fading into darkened shadows of unexplored expanses, our Horizon charger embodies all this and more. This charger will give your guest all the awe and wonderment that fills you while observing one of nature’s wonderful works of art. All our chargers are crafted to be food safe, so you can use them in your design. As well as in your food service.

Goldstone Blush Glass Charger Rental
Goldstone Blush Glass Charger

Shimmer meets texture in the elegant Goldstone Blush charger. Abstract lines of delicate gold and blush overlay a light ivory colored background striking the ideal balance of sophistication and unique style. The Goldstone Blush chargers offer a subtle gleam and shine that will elevate a special event table design.

Scallop Alabaster Indigo Glass Charger Rental
Indigo Alabaster Scallop Glass Charger

Smoky swirls of light and dark shades of blue blend effortlessly on our Indigo Alabaster Charger. With a scalloped edge, this semi-opaque coupe charger will add a mystical and elegant vibe to your event. Epitome of refined taste all of our chargers are designed to be food safe, so you can use them in food service or to elevate your design.

Hellene Silver Glass Charger Rental
Silver Hellene Glass Charger

With intricate floral detailing, our Silver Hellene Charger has an ethereal charm with a garden-to-table vibe. The mesmerizing interplay between transparency and sliver accents adds a captivating visual allure, making this charger plate an exquisite choice for any elegant occasion.

Hellene Gold Glass Charger for Rental
Gold Hellene Glass Charger

Bring the garden to your table with our Gold Hellene Charger. A captivating interplay of transparency and metallic floral accents, this ethereal work of art is the ideal focal point for your table and backdrop for your dinnerware.

Cobolt Ivy Glass Charger Rental
Cobalt Ivy Glass Charger

If you asked us about our perfect statement charger it would probably resemble our 12″ Cobalt Ivy Charger. Crafted from fine bone china, this plate showcases a petite pattern of coiling leaves in a bold blue hue, accentuated by a delicate gold edge.

Rent our Pearl Lillian Glass Charger
Pearl Lillian Ceramic Charger

Add layers of fun-loving details to your place setting with our Pearl Lillian 12″ Charger. This white ceramic charger, with an edge reminiscent of luminous pearls, will perfectly complement and refine any design.

Rent our Gold Royal Glass Charger
Gold Royal Glass Charger

Call off the search for the perfect charger, our 13″ Gold Royal Charger is here! With a pearl ice base and a gold scalloped edge, this stunning glass plate will create a memorable statement for your dining experience.

Sloane Porcelain Charger For Rent
Porcelain Sloan Glass Charger

Like the free-flowing artistry in porcelain, our Porcelain Sloane Charger sparks an instant fascination with its edge of graceful, interlocked circles. This white charger is the perfect complement to any dining occasion, time and time again.

Westwood Charger
Westwood Charger

Meticulously crafted from solid wood with a rich brown finish, the Westwood Charger exudes an aura of elegance and warmth. Suitable for both casual gatherings and posh affairs, this wooden charger introduces a natural and earthy sophistication that is certain to leave a enduring impression on your guests.