Rent our Ivory Bamboo table linen and runner for your wedding or special event.
Ivory Bamboo

Large scale matte and glossy, the Ivory Bamboo table linen is a versatile pattern that is new and forward-thinking. You can use this original and elegant linen as a foundation or addition for any event table, forming a unique look for events of all types, from weddings to galas. With this linen and other similar designs, you can make sure your guests never forget the look of your event.

Our Elderberry Sonoma Table Linen is the perfect base for your next event rental
Elderberry Sonoma

Drawing inspiration from the petals of a lavender flower, our Elderberry Sonoma Table Linen will add a touch of elegance and a gentle, soothing tone to your next event. With 25 shades in a woven line-like texture, the organic yet elevated feel of our Sonoma Collection will create the most enchanting ambiance.

Laurel Sonoma Table Linen Rentals
Laurel Sonoma

The bright yet earthy green hue of our Laurel Sonoma Table Linen reflects the lushness of a sprawling garden and evokes a sense of vibrant vitality. Made with a fabric that mimics the look and feel of linen’s distinctive texture, this cloth is the fusion of practicality and sophistication in a single entity. With a versatile selection of 25 colors, our Sonoma Collection is the perfect foundational linen for any event, year-round.

Provence Sonoma Table Linen Rental
Provence Sonoma

Our Provence Blue Sonoma Table Linen soft azure hue that resembles the clear, serene color of the sky on a sunny day. Its light and gentle tone evokes a sense of calm and tranquility like no other. Available in 25 shades, our Sonoma collection is the perfect canvas for all celebrations.

Rent our Maize Gingham Check for your next Picnic or outdoor party
Maize Gingham Check

Maize Gingham revives an old favorite in this trendy combination of yellow and white. A modern version of a classic, Maize Gingham features a woven pattern with a sophisticated, yet natural feel thanks to slubs in the fabric. Maize Gingham brings a tailored look with a uniquely modern interpretation of a classic pattern. Add crisp, white china and natural elements for a cheerful and welcoming look.

Rent our Navy and Silver Paragon linen for your next special event.
Navy Paragon

Our Navy Paragon has an unexplained magnetism with it’s straightforward pattern and restrained luster. The jacquard weave offers a three dimensional double-sided option allowing you to choose which side better fits your design needs.The optical illusion of texture and iridescence makes for an amazgin tablescape.