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Mint Tori


Subtle, but Stunning. Simple, but truly elegant. Fashionable, yet familiar. Our Mint Tori textile is such an amazing addition to our repertoire, you want to tell all your friends. A creation from multilayered addition of small circular sequins, you get a depth unlike all other sequined cloths. With the matte finishing, you will create just the right reflection no matter the lighting you will install. This amazing hue is found with in the swirls of a tidal pool in the tropics, and worn by the most stylish mermaids. Found within your shades of green, but contains a hint of blue, which will pop at any event from Spring, to Summer and everything in between. Pair this lovely with a snow white, to Azalea pink, to Orchid purple…you will be amazed by its perfection.

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108" Round, 108" x 156", 120" Round, 132" Round, 54" x 54", 90" x 156", Table Runner