Fabulous Events is always thinking green…

Our natural environment is a finite and fragile system that we must all take responsibility to protect.

Fabulous Events, Inc., prides itself on being a responsible member of the business community, and we convey to our employees, friends and family the significance of leaving the environment better than we found it.

Fabulous Events works very hard to maintain a green friendly business. In 2010, Fabulous Events replaced 90% of its lighting with Energy Efficient lighting. In just our warehouse alone we lowered our energy usage for lighting by 68%. This does not take into account that many of our lights have occupancy sensors to turn them off when they do not detect movement.

Fabulous Events also works very hard to purchase energy star compliant products from Computers to printers, monitors and more. We have even made the move to high efficiency HVAC systems. In an effort to reduce energy consumption we turn off heating / cooling units, all lighting and all electronics at the end of each day. In addition, we make sure to activate the sleep settings on Computers and Monitors. These simple acts alone can save $100’s in annual power costs and reduce our energy consumption.

Fabulous Events also recycles its plastic garment bags to use as packing for future shipments. In addition, all of our return shipments come back in re-useable nylon bags. These not only make returns easier, they save on wasted cardboard.

Fabulous Events also carries a line of Eco Friendly table linens and napkins. This Eco-Friendly product is made 100% from recycled fibers and plastics.

In October of 2012, Fabulous Events moved to a digital esignature for all of our contracts. Fabulous Events has partnered up with DocuSign. DocuSign helps customers accelerate transaction times to increase speed to results, reduce costs, and delight customers with the easiest, fastest, most secure global network for sending, signing, tracking, and storing documents in the cloud.

In October of 2013, Fabulous Events opened it’s newest retail location in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Our ongoing initiative continued to this location. We evaluated the difference in power utilization from regular lighting versus LED lighting. Our gallery has a total of 40 pin spots, 7 chandeliers and several other lights. Conventional lighting would have used 5070 watts when on. Our LED lighting uses a total of 382 Watts. This is a power savings of 92.5%. This equates to an annual savings of more than $2000.

As we continue this initiative, we are constantly looking where we can become more energy efficient. over the course of 2015, we have been upgrading our lighting in our warehouse to LED technology. Our lighting is already energy efficient, but this move saves even more energy.

We just hope that our continued diligence will be seen by many and appreciated by all.