At Fabulous Events, Inc., our success is built upon the dedication and expertise of our talented staff. With years of experience in the event industry, our team is committed to providing you with unparalleled service and support from start to finish.

Lyle Brous - President/CEO

Lyle Brous

As the CEO of Fabulous Events, Inc., Lyle brings a wealth of experience and vision to our team. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to innovation, Lyle leads our company with integrity, creativity, and a relentless dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Michele Brous
VIce President

Michele is an invaluable member of our team at Fabulous Events, Inc., serving as our Vice President with a wealth of experience, expertise, and unwavering dedication. With a profound passion for excellence and an steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, Michele plays a pivotal role in steering our company towards continual success.

Anthony Smith
Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager at Fabulous Events, Inc., Anthony plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of our day-to-day operations. With his strong leadership, attention to detail, and dedication to efficiency, Anthony keeps our company running smoothly and effectively.