Now Hiring – Customer Service and Outside Sales

Event Rental Specialist position available in the following area:

  • West Bloomfield, Michigan

Outside sales position available in the following areas:

  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Cleveland, Ohio

Warehouse positions available in the following area:

  • Waterford, Michigan



You’re smart and bright, so bright that when you visit New York City the town shuts its lights off when you walk by. You’re an incredible multitasker, in fact, you’re organizing your shoes by brand and color while you’re reading this aren’t you? People regularly comment on how annoying you are because of your mad organization skills. So self-motivated that we’ve received your resume and you haven’t even finished reading this sentence, right? Detailed? Can you find the the mistake in this sentence? If so, then we are ready to hear from you!

Fabulous Events is seeking a sales ninja with creativity and a passion for excellence. Creativity and the ability to make something from nothing is of great importance to our company. You will play a key role in the success of these new markets. You’ll be showing off coloring skills and ability to stay within the lines along with the ability to complete tasks and projects quickly with little or no guidance by reacting with appropriate urgency to many situations that will require a quick turnaround.

The Sales Ninja will have a perfect blend of administrative and creative responsibilities, but may have the opportunity to expand into management as well. The following are representative of the typical duties one Awesome Ninja may encounter day to day or weekly, but not inclusive:

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Engage people during your initial call or visit with your wit and charm. Discuss with them in general who we are, what we offer, and a ballpark of what stuff costs.

Negotiate with potential corporate clients for long term relationships. You may need to show off your pixie dust to make our magic possible. Usually just showing them our awesome products works too.

General – check email, voicemail, snail mail, butterfly mail, and all reputation management.

Continue growing our existing relationships with all ice cream and donut shops.

Hand write letters to our clients and vendors (like in the old days where people hand-wrote stuff). We will gladly supply the pen and paper.

Maintain and organize all schedules and meetings with clients.

Troubleshoot and solve problems with limited direction.


If you’re serious and meet our minimum qualifications above, we want to know more about you. So send us your resume and cover letter to telling us WHY you would make a great fit by filling in the blanks to our ad lib FABULOUS EVENTS – I WANT THIS AWESOME JOB, because after all, this job is truly awesome. Please provide us with three references.

I _______(your real name or your nickname)________ want this awesome job because ___________. The two things that motivate me to get up in the morning are ___________ and ___________. If I worked for Fabulous Events, I would ___________ every day, and ___________ sometimes. What’s most important to me when working for an awesome employer such as Fabulous Events is ____________ because ____________. Secondly, I would say the other important thing to me is___________. I think that if I won the lottery one random day, I would ____________ because then I would have the money to make my dream come true which is to _________. Making people happy and helping their dreams come true is ____________ to me because ___________. I’ve never had the opportunity to ___________, but if given the chance with Fabulous Events, I would ____________. Most of all, I just wanted to say _______________.


You may submit a portfolio, examples of your talents or gift cards if you feel they will strengthen your application.

Send all resumes to