Provence Sonoma Table Linen Rental
Provence Sonoma

Our Provence Blue Sonoma Table Linen soft azure hue that resembles the clear, serene color of the sky on a sunny day. Its light and gentle tone evokes a sense of calm and tranquility like no other. Available in 25 shades, our Sonoma collection is the perfect canvas for all celebrations.

Laurel Sonoma Table Linen Rentals
Laurel Sonoma

The bright yet earthy green hue of our Laurel Sonoma Table Linen reflects the lushness of a sprawling garden and evokes a sense of vibrant vitality. Made with a fabric that mimics the look and feel of linen’s distinctive texture, this cloth is the fusion of practicality and sophistication in a single entity. With a versatile selection of 25 colors, our Sonoma Collection is the perfect foundational linen for any event, year-round.

Our Elderberry Sonoma Table Linen is the perfect base for your next event rental
Elderberry Sonoma

Drawing inspiration from the petals of a lavender flower, our Elderberry Sonoma Table Linen will add a touch of elegance and a gentle, soothing tone to your next event. With 25 shades in a woven line-like texture, the organic yet elevated feel of our Sonoma Collection will create the most enchanting ambiance.

Slate Ticking Table Linen Rental Nationwide
Slate Ticking

What goes better with florals than stripes? Asking for a friend. Our Slate Ticking Table Linen features meticulously embroidered stitches, intertwining to form a graceful, line pattern in a shade of dusty blue. This beauty is the ideal complement to our Meadow and Tendril Table Linens, enhancing the natural beauty and allure of the floral motifs with its own unique charm and elegance.

Laurel Ticking Table Linen Rentals
Laurel Ticking

Our Laurel Ticking Table Linen is delicately woven with meticulous precision. Each embroidered stitch weaves its way into an exquisite tapestry, creating an enchanting interplay of lines in an earthy green hue. Consider it the perfect pairing for our Laurel Meadow Table Linen. In a timeless dance of contrasting patterns, florals and stirpes unite in a graceful display where femininity effortlessly combines with sophistication.

Rent our Summer Tendril Table Linen
Summer Tendril

An aquarelle pattern blending mauve, yellow, and merlot shades, capturing the graceful unfurling of tendrils and hand-painted brushwork. Experience the mesmerizing organic trellis and floral print of our Summer Tendril Table Linen, ideal for elevating any festive occasion.

Rent our Spring Tendril Table Linen for your Shower.
Spring Tendril

A watercolor print reminiscent of fresh tendrils unfurling and artistic strokes in a symphony of cool blues and greens. The organic trellis and floral pattern of our Spring Tendril Table Linen will add distinct personality to your tablescape.

Laurel Primrose Table Linen for Rent
Laurel Primrose

If you thought you couldn’t be more obsessed with linen, you’ve never seen our Laurel Green Primrose Table Linen. With a fresh, green floral medallion print on a crisp white backdrop, this modern riff on traditional hand block print is the perfect canvas for all celebrations.

Iris Primrose Table Linen and Napkin Rental
Iris Primrose

We will be the first ones to admit we adore a modern take on traditional block print, especially if it comes in the perfect dusky shade. Our Iris Primrose Table linen features a pattern of floral medallions in a pretty lavender. Prepare to fall head over heels for this beauty – we guarantee you’ll be obsessed!

Nationwide Rental for Provence Meadow Table Linens
Provence Meadow

Our Provence Blue Meadow Table Linen features a botanical motif in various shades of serene blue, printed in a woven texture. This tone-on-tone beauty effortlessly brings the harmony of nature to your tablescape design, immersing your surroundings with the soothing essence of a whimsical garden.

Rent our Laurel Meadow Table Linen
Laurel Meadow

Our Laurel Green Meadow Table Linen is a captivating addition to your dining experience. It’s botanical print in a cool shade of green and dusky blue line work, meticulously printed on a woven texture. This linen will transform your event into a captivating garden, where the serenity of nature intertwines with rustic romance.

Rent our Purple Elderberry Meadow Table Linen for your special event.
Elderberry Meadow

As obsessed as we are with light and airy hues, we LOVE a good combination of a pastel color with a rich and vibrant shade; our Elderberry Meadow Table Linen does exactly that. A lilac floral tapestry with burnt orange line work, this ethereal design printed on a fine woven fabric, strikes a perfect balance between romantic charm and eye-catching elegance.