Rent Goldenrod Mosaic Gold Table Linen for Events and Weddings
Goldenrod Mosaic

Goldenrod Mosaic is the perfect linen for decorating your table, just as it was perfect for decorating the interior walls and ceilings in Byzantine architecture. Its deep rich gold color paired with a classical mosaic pattern and texture symbolize luxury and opulence.

Fiore Floral Table Linen Rental for Events and Showers

The stunning color palette of red, pink, green, blue and yellow of the Fiore linen is named after the Calendula flower of ancient Rome. This flower was often associated with healing. This dynamic table linen adds richness and vibrance to your table.

Indigo Mosaic Navy Blue Table Linen for Event Rental
Indigo Mosaic

Indigo Mosaic incorporates the attributes of both deep blue and violet. Inspired by 5th century Mausoleo di Galla Placidia, the texture mirrors the rich and extravagant mosaics covering the mausoleum’s interior.

Rent our Cranberry Mosaic Deep Red Table Linen for Events
Cranberry Mosaic

The timeless and elegant mosaic pattern of Cranberry Mosaic is reminiscent of Ravenna, Italy. The classic Italian textures and deep rich red color creates a lavish sense of sophistication for your table.

Rent Eggplant Mosaic Dark Purple and Plum Table Linen for Events
Eggplant Mosaic

Named after Chapel of Sant’Andrea in Ravenna, Italy, this linen features classical triangular mosaics and dynamic pillars. The Italian inspired pattern and rich dark purple create a lavish base that brings an element of luxury to your table.