Snow Lennox Pure White Table Linen for Events
Snow Lennox

Reminiscent of an untouched snowy countryside, this snow-white fresh linen is pure luxury. Snow Lennox gives guests the feeling of early spring, when the snow first melts and the first buds emerge. You will almost smell the flowers of early spring as you dine around the pristine drape of our Snow Lennox.

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Parchment Swell Natural Ecru Table Linen for Events
Parchment Swell

Reminiscent of pages from a Victorian novel, this linen is ribbons of sandy, antiqued beige’s. Parchment swell anchors and inspires any tablescape because it is neutral in shade. The fabric’s texture moves fluidly and creates a deep layered appearance.

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Mink Lennox Table Linen Rental for Events
Mink Lennox

Perhaps the most versatile linen in our Secret Garden collection, Mink Lennox is the height of flexibility for your table design. Intricate woven pattern and soft grey color are the ideal base for any colorful tablescape, and pairs especially well with every piece in our Secret Garden collection.

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Pine Lennox Evergreen Table Linen for Events
Pine Lennox

Evoking the scent of fresh mountain air, this evergreen linen is the ultimate in sophisticated and natural luxury. Pine Lennox, like all our Lennox linen, is textured to create depth and refined style. The forest-inspired green rejuvenates any tablescape and provides the perfect backdrop for any garden-inspired event.

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Powder Blue Crystal Sky Swell Table Linen for Events
Powder Blue Swell

Imagine the icy blue of an English winter sky, and you’ve set the tone for any season’s tablescape with Powder Blue Swell. Waves of light blue fabric create a chic yet peaceful and romantic mood for your event.

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Crepe Lennox Soft Pink Table Linen Rental for Events
Crepe Lennox

The soft pinkish hue of Crepe Lennox sets an endearing, playful and yet tantalizing tone to table design. The dobby weave entices viewers, revealing a secretive livelihood with every reflected gleam of light. Crepe Lennox, like all Lennox fabrics in our Secret Garden collection, draws the eye in and leaves you wanting more.

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Mauve Swell Dusty Rose Table Linen for Events
Mauve Swell

Conjuring roses, cherry blossoms, and all things spring, this dusty rose linen will set the mood for any event. Mauve Swell evokes a secret garden’s atmosphere when the roses first bloom, giving your guests a fresh and romantic experience. The Swell fabric creates the perfect foundation for any garden-inspired or romantic tablescape.

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Claret Lennox Table Linen Rental for Events
Claret Lennox

The deep wine color of Claret Lennox evokes equally deep sophistication and intrigue, perfectly embodying our Secret Garden collection. Rich and indulgent, the artfully dobby weave gives the linen a provocative sheen one could get lost in. The Lennox fabric is as bold and dynamic as its namesake, Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden.

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Raisin Lennox Deep Purple Table Linen Rental for Events
Raisin Lennox

The deep, rich purple of Raisin Lennox presents an austerely luxurious look and feel while its subtle yet intense weave keeps your guests’ eyes moving through your design. This linen is the perfect foundation from which to set an opulent tablescape.

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Viola Table Dark Purple Linen for Events

Evoking the English moor at sunrise, this linen is swirls of creamy golden sunshine mixed with the purple hues of the night melting into day. Viola will transport your guests to an English country garden. The texture’s luxurious movement provides the perfect foundation for any garden-inspired tablescape.

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Ebony Swell Midnight Black Table Linen for Events
Ebony Swell

Mirroring the rippling feathers of an obsidian raven, this linen undulates in deep shades of black. Ebony Swell, like all the linen in our Swell line, is textured to create refined movement. Your guests will be transported to an English garden at midnight, and they will almost be able to smell the night-blooming jasmine.

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Noir Lennox Luxurious Black Table Linen for Events
Noir Lennox

Conjuring a lush and luxurious antique velvet sitting room, this linen’s dobby texture suggests clandestine indulgence. Noir Lennox provides an air of mystery and seduction to any event. It adds to any opulent event and makes the perfect backdrop for any tablescape.

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Berry Eden Floral Table Linen Rental for Events
Berry Eden

True to its name, Berry Eden’s rouge color adds a subtle intensity that accentuates any setting pieces like an apple in a wooded forest. The design draws the viewer’s eye in and keeps them guessing with curious brush strokes amid white flower blooms.

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Clover Eden Floral Table Linen Rental for Events
Clover Eden

Enter your own secret garden with this illusory floral design that captures the ambiance of a mysterious wooded rendezvous. The forested tint resembles a flower grove shaded by canopy cover, creating a natural yet moody atmosphere to your tablescape.

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Como Eden Forrest Floral Table Linen Rental for Events
Como Eden

Fill your party with mystery, mood and abundance with the Como Eden linen. Elegance meets mood in this blue tinted floral pattern lends a mystical feel that perfectly sets your table for a night of intrigue.

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