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Chiavari Chairs – Is there a difference?

Without skipping a beat, the answer is a resounding YES!

Often times, we have clients asking why we charge $1.00 more for our chairs as opposed to some of our competitors. Many times, they are not comparing apples to apples. More like apples to snow cones. We only use Resin chiavari chairs as opposed to wood or aluminum. On top of that, we take meticulous care of our chairs to make sure they always look great. I am skipping aluminum as most rental companies do not rent them, but many do rent wood and the better companies use resin.

Resin chairs have many benefits to them, including the ability to always look nice and shiny when properly taken care of. Resin chairs have a steel core in them, which creates a much stronger chair that does not wobble. Wood chairs can break very easily and scratch just as easy. Many times, rental companies will spray paint their chairs over and over to make them look good. The problem here is the paint does not stay on long term. I have even seen clients get up from a chair only to have silver stripes on their back from the freshly painted chair.

Chipped Paint
Stacked and scratched up and down
I was personally assured that this chair was safe by the installer
See the chairs stacked with the pads in place? In that dirty truck!

Another thing we see often with rental companies is the lack of pride. Not only do may of these companies not cover them for transport, most do not remove the pads.

All of our chairs are transported with covers on them and the pads are put on after the chairs are set. You are guaranteed to get a great looking chair and a clean pad. You will have all the confidence in the world sitting on our chairs and not worrying about landing on the floor.

Our chairs are covered for transport each and every time.
Remove the cover, set a pad on it and you have an awesome clean chair.


So Yes! Resin chairs are better and worth the money all day long. Why spend thousands of dollars to make your event perfect to save a couple hundred bucks on a chair that everyone will notice?