Lemon Cortona
Lemon Cortona

Reminiscent of Italian artistry, Cortona whisks the viewer back to classic renaissance elegance. The color palette is inspired by the scenic Tuscan lemon. The unique pattern is reflective of old-world Italian fashion, just as the town of Cortona was the epicenter of Italian artistry of its time.

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Mustard Panama

With a soft and supple “linen like” texture to the touch, our Panama linen is the answer to your stylish creative dreams. Our Buttercup Panama has a presence that is both elegant and playful at the same time. Use this linen as a base to start your tablescape.

Antique Lucia Gold Table Linen for Events
Antique Lucia

Inspired by the Swedish celebration of St. Lucia?s day, the longest night of the year, this linen provides a refined, luxurious backdrop to any long night?s festival. A swirling pattern of vintage-gold garland, Antique Lucia celebrates your event with glimmers of gold on luminescent ivory. Bringing light to the longest night of the year, this linen is the quintessence of sunlight and provides a radiant foundation for your tablescape.

Antique Tinsel Gold Table Linen for Events
Antique Tinsel

The pattern of this sophisticated linen is like an icy frost flowering and aflame in the mid-winter sun. Aged-gold icicles create an event full of glistening wonder. To bring a soft, glamorous sparkle to your tablescape, choose Antique Tinsel.

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Gold Extreme Crush

Go Bold with our Extreme Crush table linen. Texture and pattern fabricated with a skill, and produces a look that will have all your guests amazed and wanting to feel the luxury. Available in amazing hues, this gold will add a perfect foundation for your next celebration.

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Gold Paisley Lace

So what is behind paisley’s incredible longevity? Its symbolic power has probably played a part. The original Persian droplet-like motif – the boteh or buta – is thought to have been a representation of a floral spray combined with a cypress tree, a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity. Our Paisley Lace Overlay will set your table apart from the rest.

Photographed over Gold Classic Poly

Lumiere Gold Sequin Floral Table Linen for Event Rental

Photographed over Cameo Classic.   Inspired by the shining legacy of Paris in culture, fashion, and art, this delicate and golden-hued linen will help you create an elegant tablescape. Sequins in shades of gold form a delicate, lace-like floral pattern across a sheer netting background. Lumiere brings Paris, the City of Lights, to your event. Give you guests a night to remember in the tradition of Paris’ fine and fashionable parties.

Oro Lucca
Oro Lucca

This luxurious linen introduces a sense of opulence and bounty to table d?cor. The brilliant gold pattern resembles an Italian sunset over fields of wheat to highlight the richness agriculture brings to the city. A true reflection of Italian heritage and modern luxury.

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Persimmon Courtyard

Elegant embroidery-like leaves and blossoms march across a beautifully textured coral-hued cloth that celebrates couture-inspired details. Elegant yet never formal. Beautifully tactile, rich, and utterly bespoke. Forget me not. And this fabulous textile delivers on the promise, time and time again.

Persimmon Crest Table Linen Rentals from Fabulous Events
Persimmon Crest

A long path dotted leads through the garden to a gate that opens onto a stunning beachscape. A sailboat invites in the distance, and tow-headed children scamper along the sandy strands with colorful pails bobbing in the late-afternoon light. The sun begins to set and the sky fills with otherworldly persimmon hues. A bonfire scents the cool breezes, and the adventure begins.

Rent Persimmon Drayton Stripe Table Linens from Fabulous Events.
Persimmon Drayton Stripe

Cool. Calm. Collected. A languid summer afternoon, a cerulean-hued swimming pool, and cabana-striped awnings under a cloudless sky the color of sapphires. A beach ball tossed, the tinkling of ice as it slowly melts in a tall glass of tea, and the scent of climbing roses and wisteria. A clipped topiary. Bossa nova on the stereo. Embrace the dream with this coral-hued stunner and bring the memories home.

Persimmon Hemstitch Dinner Napkin Rental from Fabulous Events.
Persimmon Hemstitch Dinner Napkin

Plucked from the hues of the stunning coastline, this tip, top, terrific textile assortment honors the relaxed vibes of a classic American summer. Pair the timeless colors with exceptional details, and the mix is absolutely electric. The perfect complements to any of the fabrics in the Southern Charm collection, these are exceptional, thoughtful pieces to savor time and time again.