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Pink, pink, and maybe a little blue or green

With the wedding season in full swing right now, planners, brides, grooms, and all those who follow are on the move to finalize each and every, and I mean EVERY little detail. This season, like many other, we are seeing a lot of pastels, mixed with accent darker color. For example, I cannot tell you how many times I have come across the ever popular blush and navy blue color palette when scrolling through Pinterest (which is multiple times a day). Even though I see this everywhere, it is a color palette that I do not get tired of seeing.

Pinks don’t have to be all pretty, pretty princess. Now having flashbacks to playing Pretty, Pretty Princess in my childhood friend’s living room. Man, what ever happened to that game? — Alright sorry, back to reality. Nowadays, grooms are becoming more involved with planning the big day. After all, it is there day too! In order to make the big event a little gender neutral and less girly, try mixing it some light pinks and dark blues, or greens.


There are so many tones of pink to choose from. My personal favorite is the blush, pastel pink. It is so classy and honestly looks good on everyone. Now if you do not want to fully indulge in the pinks, add subtle hints to your event. You can simply add it in your centerpieces, flower bouquets, or even (COUGH COUGH) table linens. Here are some ideas I have found and loved on Pinterest:

Screenshot (10)Screenshot (11)Screenshot (27)


And here are some of our fabulous linens, napkins, chair covers, etc. to inspire you to think pink, and maybe a little beyond 😉

Crinkle Taffeta Light PinkPink 2" PintuckCoral Majesty Dupioni

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Dark Blue PolyesterNavy/White 3" StripeNavy Blue Majesty Dupioni


Light Olive PolyesterArmy Green PolyesterHunter Green Matte Satin


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