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Chartreuse Velvet (B)


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108" Round$66.00
120" Round$78.00
132" Round$89.00
90" x 156"$89.00
108" x 156"$100.00
Dinner Napkin$5.00
Table Runner$41.00

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Chartreuse Velvet is a linen rich in history. A color originally used in the 1800’s to create stylish fashion items, it has recently made a return in jewelry. Full of character, this versatile linen will make any table a statement.


A striking shade between green and yellow, our Chartreuse Velvet is full of character. A color originally used during the 1800’s to create stylish items in fashion, it has had a resurgence due to a growing popularity in jewelry. Representative of individuality and creative thinking, it is a versatile color that can be used anywhere from a nature orientated palette to a psychedelic color scheme.  Rent it here along with other linens from the Bijou collection at Fabulous Events.

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132" Round, 120" Round, 108" Round, 108" x 156", 90" x 156", Dinner Napkin, Table Runner