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Cherry Boogaloo


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108" Round$66.00
120" Round$78.00
132" Round$89.00
90" x 156"$89.00
108" x 156"$100.00
Table Runner$45.00
Dinner Napkin$4.70

Step into an enchanted disco garden with our Cherry Boogaloo Table Linen, Runner and Napkin. This stunning linen showcases retro whimsical patterns of plants, flowers, and butterflies, creating an atmosphere brimming with playful charm and retro allure. The vibrant palette, featuring darker and lighter greens, muted reds, yellows, blues, and fuchsia purples, infuses your table setting with an enchanting and lively spirit. Perfect for adding a touch of nostalgic elegance to any gathering, the Cherry Boogaloo Table Linen is the ideal choice for those who appreciate a blend of vintage style and vibrant, modern flair.

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Red, Prints

Rental options

108" Round, 120" Round, 132" Round, 108" x 156", 90" x 156", Dinner Napkin, Table Runner


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