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Chocolate Polyester


Rental optionsPriceQuantity 
90" Round$10.89
54" x 54"$8.47
Dinner Napkin$0.79
84" x 84"$10.89
90" x 132"$20.27
90" x 156"$23.90
108" Round$13.31
120" Round$15.13
132" Round$20.27
Banquet Chair Cover$3.03

Everyone can have a fabulous event, no matter the budget. For an economical way to party, our Classic Poly line fits the bill. Our Chocolate Brown is the base of all flora, and will had a wonderful setting for your d├ęcor. Every event will shine due to the wonderful sheen found with these linens.


Putting on a Fabulous Event does not require breaking the bank. Our polyester linens are the classic go to linen for any type of event. Our classic solid linens are lightly starched then pressed to perfection. With over 70 colors to choose from, you are sure to find the right color for your special event.

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Rental options

108" Round, 120" Round, 132" Round, 54" x 54", 84" x 84", 90" Round, 90" x 132", 90" x 156", Banquet Chair Cover, Dinner Napkin