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Riviera Nouveau


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Dinner Napkin$4.70
108" Round$66.00
120" Round$78.00
132" Round$89.00
90" x 156"$89.00
108" x 156"$100.00
Table Runner$45.00

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This linen’s deep, rich color patterned with thin white lines forming abstract shapes sets the foundation for the perfect modern tablescape. Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, Riviera Nouveau honors the blending of high art with the craft movement of the early 19th century. It offers a refined palette, a graphic design sensibility, and a crisp, clean foundation for any tablescape.


A steel blue background accentuates thin white lines of abstract shapes in this uniquely artistic table linen perfect for any setting. The modernist lines of Riviera Nouveau capture the early 19th century transition into modernism. The Art Nouveau movement revived the status of the arts and crafts and raised them to the status of high art. Rent this linen along with the rest of the Bauhaus Collection from Fabulous Events.

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132" Round, 120" Round, 108" Round, 108" x 156", 90" x 156", Dinner Napkin, Table Runner


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