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Royal Blue Majesty Dupioni


Rental optionsPriceQuantity 
132" x 132"$53.90
108" Round$22.99
108" x 156"$42.35
Dinner Napkin$1.52
90" x 90"$19.36
120" Round$26.62
132" Round$32.67
90" x 156"$36.30
Table Runner$8.47

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Our Majesty Dupioni Cloth is a Majestic Beauty. This reversible cloth will give you 2 looks with one color.


This Faux Dupioni linen can be flipped over to reveal a satin side as well. Create two different looks with one unique linen! All linens are seamless with the exception of our 132″ round and square.

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Rental options

108" Round, 120" Round, 132" Round, 108" x 156", 132" x 132", 90" x 156", 90" x 90", Dinner Napkin, Sash, Table Runner