Fabulous Events has the Napkin Rentals you need for your special event. Whether tied in a knot or folded into a menu holder, napkins are more than just a functional item. Our napkins will add that pop of color or subtle addition to your table design. We even offer napkin rings if you want to go that route. Contact one of our Event Designers today to aide you in that perfect detail that pulls the entire table décor together. With our unparalleled selection, choosing your napkins will be fun! Let your creativity flow; take risks, be bold, or reinforce your elegant vision. Best of all, depending on the selection you make, your napkins can blend in or pop on the table!

Check out our extensive collection below to find the perfect napkin to compliment your table.

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Watermelon Iridescent Crush
Watermelon Iridescent Crush

Our iridescent crush linens bring a shimmer to any event.

Light Blue Pink Iridescent Crush
Light Blue/Pink Iridescent Crush

The stunning light blue crushed linen has a hint of pink in its iridescence.

Antoinette Rose Damask Tablecloth Linen Rental for Events

Create an event so luxurious Marie Antoinette would be jealous. Evoking the extravagant abundance of the Palace of Versailles, this linen is a beautiful rose background with a white and subtle, dusty taupe damask pattern. Your guests will admire the sophisticated drape and soft palate, exclaiming c’est magnifique—it’s magnificent—as they celebrate in style.

Shantung Azalea
Azalea Shantung

Who would not want silk tablecloths draping their event tables? Our Shantung rental table linens are the way we can all afford this lusciousness. A southern essential, Azalea Shantung is an energetic bright pink that reminds us of spring throughout the entire year. Your event will be dressed even better than your guests in these fashion inspired hue and texture.

Cameo Louvre Neutral Plaster Table Linen Rental for Events
Cameo Louvre

Create a most belle fete—a beautiful celebration—with this golden-pink linen. Shimmering in the light, Came Louvre gleams in hues of gold, tan, and even blush. Paying homage to the world’s greatest art museum, the textures of this linen echo the layers carved into the great sculptures of the Louvre. Create a world class event with this linen as the foundation.

Rent from Fabulous Events. We are the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more.
Cerise Agate

Taken from the swirling patterns and spectacular beauty of marble and granite, and the surprising color?combinations found in simple materials,?Cerise Agate calls to mind the spectacular?beauty of earth’s many treasures. Cerise tones blend and complement pale gold and taupe for subtle excitement that is also calming. ?Lend an enduring elegance to table settings that are?neutral and demure or, alternately, layer this pattern?with other jewel tones to add?an unexpected pop. It’s a natural addition to the Haute Pink Collection for both lavish events and casual contemporary gatherings.

Cerise Bengaline
Cerise Bengaline

Texture is still the most sought out item in tablecloth linen rental. Bengaline is that tablecloth with the subtle ribbed texture, with just enough sheen to not fall flat. Steeped in Hollywood?s past, this bright deep pink Cerise is the color that is famous because everyone wants it.

Coral Majesty Dupioni
Coral Majesty Dupioni

This Faux Dupioni linen can be flipped over to reveal a satin side as well. Create two different looks with one unique linen! All linens are seamless with the exception of 132″ round

Rent Panama Linen from Fabulous Events, the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more.
Coral Panama

With a soft and supple “linen like” texture to the touch, our Panama linen is the answer to your stylish creative dreams. Panama has a presence that is both elegant and playful at the same time. Use this linen as a base to start your tablescape.

Coral Polyester
Coral Polyester

Putting on a Fabulous Event does not require breaking the bank. Our polyester linens are the classic go to linen for any type of event. Our classic solid linens are lightly starched then pressed to perfection. With over 70 colors … Read More

Crepe Lennox Soft Pink Table Linen Rental for Events
Crepe Lennox

The soft pinkish hue of Crepe Lennox sets an endearing, playful and yet tantalizing tone to table design. The dobby weave entices viewers, revealing a secretive livelihood with every reflected gleam of light. Crepe Lennox, like all Lennox fabrics in our Secret Garden collection, draws the eye in and leaves you wanting more.

Dusty Mauve Bengaline Moire
Dusty Mauve Bengaline Moire

Our Bengaline Moire linens have a classic yet elegant look and texture. These linens are a nice weight and texture to the touch. Mix and match the large variety of colors to make a statement.