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Rent Panama Linen from Fabulous Events, the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more.
Tangerine Panama

With a soft and supple “linen like” texture to the touch, our Panama linen is the answer to your stylish creative dreams. Panama has a presence that is both elegant and playful at the same time. Use this linen as a base to start your tablescape.

Papaya Lazaro Table Linen Rentals
Papaya Lazaro

Transport your guests to a city and a culture rich with energy and charisma with our Papaya Lazaro Table Linen. Named after one of Havana’s distinct thoroughfares, this linen’s vibrant fiery orange and matte white combo has captured the magic and charm of Cuba. The suave retro flame stitch pattern of our Papaya Lazaro Table Linen will instantly transform any event.

Blossom Elio Table Linen Rental
Blossom Elio

Designed with summer in mind, our eye-catching Elio Blossom Table Linen will bring life to any event. Fiery orange botanicals sprawl across a white background on a soft-to-the-touch, linen-like fabric. With its playful pattern and vibrant color, this tablecloth exudes happiness in every way.

Pomelo Mirage Table Linen Rental
Pomelo Mirage

Like a spectacular sunset mirroring itself on the ocean, our Mirage Pomelo Table Linen will instantly transport your guests to the beach of their dreams. A lively artisanal block print, set against a muted background, beautifully forms a kaleidoscopic pattern and immediately creates a show-stopping focal point at any event.

Pomelo Oasis Table Linen Rental
Pomelo Oasis

Step into a tropical sanctuary with our Oasis Pomelo Table Linen. The chintz-inspired pattern is ideal for transporting your guests to dream destinations. Complete with sprawling oversize florals in a citrus palette of pomelo pinks and greens, this flowing tablecloth elegantly adds color and depth to any design.

Rent our Guava Marina Table Linen
Guava Marina

Our Guava Marina Table Linen is a burst of energy and zest that will invigorate any space and leave your guests feeling refreshed. It’s flecked, peach and white, pattern creates a harmonious blend that strikes the perfect balance between playful and sophisticated.

Rent our Summer Tendril Table Linen
Summer Tendril

An aquarelle pattern blending mauve, yellow, and merlot shades, capturing the graceful unfurling of tendrils and hand-painted brushwork. Experience the mesmerizing organic trellis and floral print of our Summer Tendril Table Linen, ideal for elevating any festive occasion.

Rent our Desert Bloom Hermosa Table Linen
Desert Bloom Hermosa

Inspired by the resilient beauty of the desert’s most vibrant flora, this tablecloth blooms with a symphony of reds, yellows, and greens that capture the essence of wildflowers basking in the Western sun. Each stitch of the embroidery tells a story of survival and splendor, celebrating the untamed spirit that thrives in the arid expanses. The Desert Bloom Hermosa is a piece that not only brings the allure of the open range to your table but also honors the delicate dance of color and life found in the heart of the American West.

Rent our Desert Jackson Table Linen
Desert Jackson

A tribute to the golden sands and sunbaked earth, this tablecloth’s geometric patterns echo the intricate weavings of Western artisanry, bringing a piece of the frontier’s warmth to your table. Our Desert Jackson is sure to set the table right.

Rent our Sandstone Jackson Table Linen
Sandstone Jackson

The earthy rust orange of this tablecloth captures the essence of the canyons and rock formations that are iconic to the West. It reflects the enduring strength and timeless beauty of the Western terrain.

Jasper La Garita Table Linen for Rental.
Jasper La Garita

The warm rust orange stripes of this tablecloth are inspired by the glow of the setting sun on the rugged cliffs of La Garita. It’s perfect for those who wish to infuse their dining space with the robust spirit of the West.