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Rent from Fabulous Events, the leader in event linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & runners
Dusk Artisan

Begin the voyage of discovery you?ve been yearning for. The rich purples, blues, and beiges of our Dusk Artisan linen will add adventure to your event. The detailed pattern and hand-crafted look evoke ancient traditions of natural dyes, filling your event with history and culture.

Rent from Fabulous Events, the leader in event linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & chargers.
Dusk Drift

It’s about the journey, not the destination, and our Dusk Drift linen will make your event a coveted destination. Recalling the full moon peeking through the clouds, this linen will bring a mysterious air to your tablescape. The pattern moves like the night wind, taking your guests on a voyage through the dusk.

Rent Eggplant Mosaic Dark Purple and Plum Table Linen for Events
Eggplant Mosaic

Named after Chapel of Sant’Andrea in Ravenna, Italy, this linen features classical triangular mosaics and dynamic pillars. The Italian inspired pattern and rich dark purple create a lavish base that brings an element of luxury to your table.

Magenta Velvet Table Linen Rental for Weddings and Events
Magenta Velvet (B)

A long history and lavish ambiance will add depth and character to any gathering. With a color inspired by some of the rarest gemstones linked to safety, prosperity and abundance, this linen will leave you with a sense of empowerment.

Rent our Opal Table Linen for Events and Parties. Nationwide Shipping

The range of colors found in our Opal table linen will be the highlight of your next event. The identifiable prism of blues, greens, and purples is symbolic of the unique play-of-color seen in Opals. Known as a symbol for love and hope, our Opal linen will help complete stunning visions.

Rent Panama Linen from Fabulous Events, the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more.
Plum Panama

With a soft and supple “linen like” texture to the touch, our Panama linen is the answer to your stylish creative dreams. Panama has a presence that is both elegant and playful at the same time. Use this linen as a base to start your tablescape.

Raisin Lennox Deep Purple Table Linen Rental for Events
Raisin Lennox

The deep, rich purple of Raisin Lennox presents an austerely luxurious look and feel while its subtle yet intense weave keeps your guests. eyes moving through your design. This linen is the perfect foundation from which to set an opulent tablescape.

Viola Table Dark Purple Linen for Events

Evoking the English moor at sunrise, this linen is swirls of creamy golden sunshine mixed with the purple hues of the night melting into day. Viola will transport your guests to an English country garden. The texture’s luxurious movement provides the perfect foundation for any garden-inspired tablescape.