Our continually increasing selection of Table Runners makes us the industry leader in linen rentals. Using runners on your table is a fantastic way to make a big style impact while being mindful of a budget. Use our runners on any size table, with or without a base cloth. These are perfect for farm tables, dessert tables and buffets as well. You can run one down the center of the table or even crisscross several in a pattern. The options are endless, just like our selection of linens and runners. Look below to see all the amazing colors, styles and textures of table runners available to rent for your special event.

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Rent from Fabulous Events, the leader in event linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & chargers.
Blush Extreme Crush

Go Bold with our Extreme Crush table linen. Texture and pattern fabricated with a skill, and produces a look that will have all your guests amazed and wanting to feel the luxury. Available in 13 amazing hues, our Blush will add a perfect foundation for your next celebration.

Antoinette Rose Damask Tablecloth Linen Rental for Events

Create an event so luxurious Marie Antoinette would be jealous. Evoking the extravagant abundance of the Palace of Versailles, this linen is a beautiful rose background with a white and subtle, dusty taupe damask pattern. Your guests will admire the sophisticated drape and soft palate, exclaiming c’est magnifique—it’s magnificent—as they celebrate in style.

Rent from Fabulous Events. We are the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more.
Azalea Gigi

A luxe striped design textile that shimmers and glows from every perspective, Azalea Gigi?is glamorous and playful at the same time, with an energetic presence that calls for inventive table settings. The?brilliance of this color — between glossy lipstick and a perfectly?ripe cherry — makes it a?standout performer, whether it’s used as supporting cast or as the star of the show. The Haute Pink Collection?is suitable for lavish formal events?as well as for?casual celebrations.

Shantung Azalea
Azalea Shantung

Who would not want silk tablecloths draping their event tables? Our Shantung rental table linens are the way we can all afford this lusciousness. A southern essential, Azalea Shantung is an energetic bright pink that reminds us of spring throughout the entire year. Your event will be dressed even better than your guests in these fashion inspired hue and texture.

Rent from Fabulous Events. We are the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more
Ballet Mariana

An ornate pattern that recalls Victorian luxury?is an extraordinary choice for a table setting that blends the elegance?and tradition of?past era with modern sensibility. Layer this ornate openwork design over soothing solid color linen to create a motif that emphasizes?vintage romantic style, but is totally in tune with modernity.?The intricate handmade texture of this unique lace needs little additional embellishment. Complete the table setting with simple china and classic crystal and silver, and simple accessories. Ballet Mariana will set the right mood for a beautiful celebration.

Alexis Blush
Blush Alexis

No rose colored lenses needed here! This blush table linen is the perfect, palest shade of pink, with just the slightest touch of lavender. Pale enough to use as a neutral, yet exceedingly gentle on the eye, this table linen is perfect for wedding rental and other romantic events. So whether you are planning your special day or hoping to decorate a venue for a formal gathering, this Blush Alexis table linen is a sure winner. If you need a little inspiration, visit our Gallery to find how this beautiful round pink table linen rental can make for a perfect, beautiful, unforgettable day.

This elegant Blush Pink Graceful table drape is one of several unique Gracefuls available in the Fabulous Events selection of table drapes and other linen rentals. Use it to create effortless beauty for your tables, and combine it with our other linen designs for a truly original theme. Rent it here today. 877-200-2424
Blush Graceful

Fabricated size is 172″L X 40″W. Beauty and Grace…the epitome of our remarkable runner line?Graceful Table Drapes. Made of an elegant chiffon, most commonly seen in fashionable formal wear, it is loved for its ability to drape well, and adds an ethereal flowy appearance. Our Gracefuls are rich in color (and offered in ten stylish hues), which will add the right amount of glamour to any event you dream. Our Blush Graceful is soft, romantic Cameo pink, that will add the perfect touch of romanticism. With no seams or restrictions, our Table Drapes are fashioned to cascade down the sides of your tables exquisitely to create effortless beauty.? Explore your creativity and share with us your stylish designs.

Cameo Louvre Neutral Plaster Table Linen Rental for Events
Cameo Louvre

Create a most belle fete—a beautiful celebration—with this golden-pink linen. Shimmering in the light, Came Louvre gleams in hues of gold, tan, and even blush. Paying homage to the world’s greatest art museum, the textures of this linen echo the layers carved into the great sculptures of the Louvre. Create a world class event with this linen as the foundation.

Cameo Mystique
Cameo Mystique

Photographed over Taupe Classic ? With the variety of stitching to create this wooden landscape with an amalgamation of different sized matte sequins, Cameo Mystique is just simply marvelous with just the right amount of reflection. With the beauty of our Cameo Shantung, this sequined cloth is simply a dream. Delicate to the touch, this hue soft blush pink, with a touch of gray, shade will be heightened with an earthen shade of Pistachio or Loden green, or will punch on top of Mulberry Lamour. There are so many combinations you will want to try, because of its eternal and ethereal beauty.

Rent from Fabulous Events. We are the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & more.
Cerise Agate

Taken from the swirling patterns and spectacular beauty of marble and granite, and the surprising color?combinations found in simple materials,?Cerise Agate calls to mind the spectacular?beauty of earth’s many treasures. Cerise tones blend and complement pale gold and taupe for subtle excitement that is also calming. ?Lend an enduring elegance to table settings that are?neutral and demure or, alternately, layer this pattern?with other jewel tones to add?an unexpected pop. It’s a natural addition to the Haute Pink Collection for both lavish events and casual contemporary gatherings.