Create stunning tablescapes with Gold Sequin Mermaid table runners, reversible sequins linen design in gold. Shop our selection of linen here.
Gold Mermaid Sequins

Named Mermaid because of its mesmerizing, mystical quality and infinite possibilities, the spectacular new Gold Sequin linen is a dazzling departure from the ordinary. Transform any table setting into a glowing artistic original; and change the look at will simply by drawing your hand across the surface of the linen. The carpet of sequins is as inspiring as ocean waves, and it allows you to create an infinite number of metallic masterpieces. Showcase your talent for creating one-of-a-kind celebrations by embracing all the magnificence of Gold Sequin Mermaid, a truly unique table covering.

Gilded Jakarta
Gilded Jakarta

The twisting gold pattern brings a beautiful, subtle texture and variation to the soft ivory background of Gilded Jakarta. Circles and curves intertwine on the delicate base hue for a fun and sophisticated ikat pattern. The Alloy Collection linen has metallic designs woven into a soft, shimmering fabric with a lovely drape a stunning foundation for any special occasion tablescape.


Add high-impact sparkle to any event with the bold glitter of sequins on Zelda linen. Gold sequins are woven into a triangular geometric pattern against a soft ivory sequin background for the perfect balance of shine and texture. The Alloy Collection linen has metallic shades woven into a soft, shimmering fabric that drapes softly and elegantly, creating a glittering, elegant base for any special occasion table.

Cornsilk Bengaline
Cornsilk Bengaline

Texture is still the most sought out item in tablecloth linen rental. Bengaline is that tablecloth with the subtle ribbed texture, with just enough sheen to not fall flat. Soft and playful in nature, Cornsilk is a deep warm yellow that spring is jealous of.

Antique Lucia Gold Table Linen for Events
Antique Lucia

Inspired by the Swedish celebration of St. Lucia’s day, the longest night of the year, this linen provides a refined, luxurious backdrop to any long night’s festival. A swirling pattern of vintage-gold garland, Antique Lucia celebrates your event with glimmers of gold on luminescent ivory. Bringing light to the longest night of the year, this linen is the quintessence of sunlight and provides a radiant foundation for your tablescape.

Antique Tinsel Gold Table Linen for Events
Antique Tinsel

The pattern of this sophisticated linen is like an icy frost flowering and aflame in the mid-winter sun. Aged-gold icicles create an event full of glistening wonder. To bring a soft, glamorous sparkle to your tablescape, choose Antique Tinsel.

Onyx Vera has a wonderful drape and takes lighting beautifully. Cover a table with this linen to serve as a gorgeous foundation for nearly any event theme.
Black/Gold Portland

Our Black and Gold Portland has a wonderful drape and takes lighting beautifully. Cover your table with this linen to serve as a gorgeous foundation for nearly any type of event. Pair this linen with one of our gold chargers and other table decor to make it stand out.

Rent Brass Velvet Linen for Events
Brass Velvet (B)

Add a luxurious touch to any tablescape with our Brass Velvet table linen. The subtle pale gold color is timeless and easily adaptable. The velvet collection is specially woven and dyed to achieve a deep rich color that embodies decadence.

Chrysocolla Marble
Chrysocolla Marble

Long associated with luxury, royalty and wealth, marble has always been a highly sought after stone. Strong and beautiful, marble has been used in structures and interior design for centuries. Countless cultures, the world over, have used marble for monumental and decorative arts thought the millennia from home decor to the runway. Now we’re bringing it to your table top with a three-dimensional textured linen. Chrysocolla is a steel and gold toned slab of fabric with vibrant turquoise veins.

Ecru Tori
Ecru Tori

Photographed over Ivory. Subtle, but Stunning. Simple, but truly elegant. Fashionable, yet familiar. Our Ecru Tori textile is such an amazing addition to our repertoire, you want to tell all your friends. A creation from multilayered addition of small circular sequins, you get a depth unlike all other sequined cloths. With the matte finishing, you will create just the right reflection no matter the lighting you will install. Reminiscent of unbleached silk, this unique combination of Ivory and Beige will add the perfect warmth to your celebration and an amazing partner from our softest Pink Shantung to our most vibrant Pistachio Shantung, so find YOUR favorite hue.

This elegant Entangled table linen pattern is a great way to enhance any event, serving as a solid foundation for many different types of events.
Entangled – Gold Kroft a Kehoe Collection

Textural gold sensation with an abstract graphic pattern that moves with light creating effects that are defused but very modern. Part of the Gold Kroft Kehoe Collection, from our Designer Series, Entangled table linen pattern is an elegant fabric to enhance any event. You can also pair this linen with many other colors and patterns to create the perfect event table, it?s all in the way you layer it, that makes this collection bold and full of aspiration.

Gilded Birch Table Linen Rental for Events
Gilded Birch

The gilded leaf-like accents and shades of cool gray on our Gilded Birch table linen, instantly transport you to a shimmering forest scene. Mixed shades of gold with soft hints of beige make our Gilded Birch linen the perfect seasonal necessity!