The unparalleled elegance of this Onyx Molina table runner in the Gold Kroft Kehoe Collection, from our Designer Series can enhance any event.
Pewter Molina – Gold Kroft a Kehoe Collection

Beautiful fretwork runner that gives any table a sense of style with its overlapping octagons and triangles. You can use the neutral Pewter Molina table runner to complement the foundation of a table cloth and other linens and decor. The unparalleled elegance of this table runner in Gold Kroft Kehoe Collection from our Designer Series can make enhance any event, making your event space unforgettable. It?s all in the way you layer it, that makes this collection bold and full of aspiration.

Bengaline Moire Smoke
Silver Bengaline Moire

Our Bengaline Moire linens have a classic yet elegant look and texture. These linens are a nice weight and texture to the touch. Mix and match the large variety of colors to make a statement.

Silver Mimosa
Silver Mimosa

This product requires a base linen.

Grey Polyester
Silver/Grey Polyester

Everyone can have a fabulous event, no matter the budget. For an economical way to party, our Classic line fits the bill. The new black is of course this Silver, which will dress up any event in its quietness. Every event will shine due to the wonderful sheen found with these linens. With tablecloth sizes unparalleled in our field, you will find the perfect size in the perfect hue.

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Smoke Velvet (A)

Create drama and excitement for any event with our Smoke Velvet table linen. This medium grey becomes dramatic with the opalescent plush fabric. The velvet collection is specially woven and dyed to achieve a deep rich color that embodies decadence. Velvet has a soft drape that creates graceful folds and a shimmering surface. For a foundation that will make your event stand out, Smoke Velvet is the perfect choice.

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Cement Panama

With a soft and supple “linen like” texture to the touch, our Panama linen is the answer to your stylish creative dreams. Panama has a presence that is both elegant and playful at the same time. Use this linen as a base to start your tablescape.

Charcoal Charmed
Charcoal Charmed

Snake skin is one of those fads that never goes out of style. Our Charmed line has taken a page out of glamour and made a fashionable statement (with a subtle look of Houndstooth), and it is ready for your next event. The pattern can be a subtle play on texture with the luxurious feel, or you can play it up and have an enchanting animal themed celebration that will have them asking who planned your party. The Charcoal Charmed is a melodious combination of grays from the lightest hue, to the deep Charcoal, with a sheen that will capture any lighting to give it an evening glow. Mix it with your favorite color from the jungle, and see all the fun you can have with this animal chic. Do not be afraid of this snake and be ?Snap Snap? FABULOUS!

Charcoal Classic Hemstitch Overlay
Charcoal Classic Hemstitch

hotographed over White Classic ? A Timeless Beauty. Elegance and sophistication that never goes out of style, our Classic Hemstitch has traditional delicate stitching within this linen/cotton textile feel.? A charming reminder of the textile heirlooms of our family through history, your guests will feel at home at your next time-honored celebration. Available in a myriad of colors to heighten the design esthetic of any and all events, our Charcoal Classic Hemstitch has a 1 1/2″ border and is a deep, dark, gunmetal-like gray, which will be the perfect complement for any other hue.

Charcoal Cork Table Runner
Charcoal Cork

20″ X 108″, with a 2″ hem and straight ends ? A contemporary feel echoing the look nature’s cork, or of natural stone/granite. Our Charcoal is one of those colors that will compliment any color and create a sleek, stylized look for your tables.

Charcoal Crackle
Charcoal Crackle

Reminding us of the crackle painting technique, or the bark of a mighty oak, this exclusive design is magnificent. With a deep multi-shaded silver background, the accenting color is the deepest dark charcoal gray. Perfect for many celebrations.