Ecru Tori
Ecru Tori

Photographed over Ivory. Subtle, but Stunning. Simple, but truly elegant. Fashionable, yet familiar. Our Ecru Tori textile is such an amazing addition to our repertoire, you want to tell all your friends. A creation from multilayered addition of small circular sequins, you get a depth unlike all other sequined cloths. With the matte finishing, you will create just the right reflection no matter the lighting you will install. Reminiscent of unbleached silk, this unique combination of Ivory and Beige will add the perfect warmth to your celebration and an amazing partner from our softest Pink Shantung to our most vibrant Pistachio Shantung, so find YOUR favorite hue.

This elegant Entangled table linen pattern is a great way to enhance any event, serving as a solid foundation for many different types of events.
Entangled – Gold Kroft a Kehoe Collection

Textural gold sensation with an abstract graphic pattern that moves with light creating effects that are defused but very modern. Part of the Gold Kroft Kehoe Collection, from our Designer Series, Entangled table linen pattern is an elegant fabric to enhance any event. You can also pair this linen with many other colors and patterns to create the perfect event table, it?s all in the way you layer it, that makes this collection bold and full of aspiration.

Gilded Birch Table Linen Rental for Events
Gilded Birch

The gilded leaf-like accents and shades of cool gray on our Gilded Birch table linen, instantly transport you to a shimmering forest scene. Mixed shades of gold with soft hints of beige make our Gilded Birch linen the perfect seasonal necessity!

Gilded Matrix Linen for Events
Gilded Matrix

Conjuring up imagery of seasonal twinkling lights, our Gilded Matrix table linen is fittingly festive without being overwhelming. The bronze and gold metallic finishes will light up your next event with the beauty of the season.

Gold Alkaline
Gold Alkaline

The simple beauty of metal adds the perfect amount of shine and sparkle. With the look and feel of linen, our Alkaline also adds the subtly of metallic threads that will draw in the lighting within your perfect venue. Add all your favorite hues, whether you keep it monochromatic, or add a spark with Pistachio, Orchid or even Merlot (and MORE!). There is no way to go wrong with this amazing fabric.

Gold Bling over White
Gold Bling

This product requires a base linen.

Gold Countour
Gold Contour

This linen is a created with fabric that is inspired from nature and the land. With a subtle rippled pattern texture, this Damask material is reminiscent of the earth and all its greatness. We crave to have jewelry crafted in Gold, and your party will want Gold Contour’s affectionate hue to accessorize your tables with fashion flair. Truly, any decor will be fortunate set atop these rental tablecloths.

Gold Cotier
Gold Cotier

Translated from French, Cotier means along the coast or coastline, but for us, it defines luxurious linen. With a lavish sumptuous texture, and hues that are the perfect backdrop for any event, you will simply find no other fabric that will match this textile. Our Gold Cotier is an antique golden hue, which is interwoven with just a hint of black to create an amazing ripple effect. To create an even more impressive event, check out our Halo line to coordinate a geometric dream, and metallic memories for every guest.

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Gold Extreme Crush

Go Bold with our Extreme Crush table linen. Texture and pattern fabricated with a skill, and produces a look that will have all your guests amazed and wanting to feel the luxury. Available in amazing hues, this gold will add a perfect foundation for your next celebration.

This elegant Gold Graceful table drape is one of several unique Gracefuls available in the Fabulous Events selection of table drapes and other linen rentals. Use it to create effortless beauty for your tables, and combine it with our other linen designs for a truly original theme. Rent it here today. 877-200-2424
Gold Graceful

Fabricated size is 172″L X 40″W. Beauty and Grace…the epitome of our remarkable runner line. Graceful Table Drapes. Made of an elegant chiffon, most commonly seen in fashionable formal wear, it is loved for its ability to drape well, and adds an ethereal flowy appearance. Our Gracefuls are rich in color (and offered in twelve stylish hues), which will add the right amount of glamour to any event you dream. Our Gold Graceful is a warmer brownish golden tone, that will add just the right glamour. With no seams or restrictions, our Table Drapes are fashioned to cascade down the sides of your tables exquisitely to create effortless beauty. Explore your creativity and share with us your stylish designs.

Gold Halo
Gold Halo

Throughout the ages halos have been seen as a circle of light surrounding the sun or moons, and found in many beautiful hues. The Halo line encompasses all this ethereal beauty and heightens its magnificence with the amazing colors offered for your next event. Our Gold Halo is a combination of a antique metallic gold interwoven with a mossy-gray matte threading. Be sure to notice the fine design within both sides of this marvelous textile for your next fete. Use one color, mix both sides, or combine with the coordinating Cotier line. The possibilities are as endless as the stars in our galaxies.

Gold Hex
Gold Hex

Black and gold balanced in perfect harmony provide the perfect fashionable pattern in Gold Hex. The repeating geometric shapes and clean lines infuse Gatsby-era opulence to the chic design. The Alloy Collection linen has gleaming metallic hues woven into a shimmering fabric that drapes softly and elegantly, creating a gorgeous, sumptuous base for a special occasion table.