Welcome to our Virtual Showroom! Experience the future of events with our cutting-edge technology. Visualize and design like never before with our user-friendly 3D space planner. Bring your ideas to life with photo-realistic product renderings, accurate colors, textures, and lighting. Our desktop-exclusive 3D design tool, powered by Merri, ensures you make informed decisions for your event. Get ready to elevate your event experience to the next level.


Step 1: Browse a Virtual Showroom

Explore the Showroom Floor

  • Visit the Showroom: Start by visiting one of our pre-designed showrooms. This space is set up to provide inspiration and ideas for your own projects.
  • Inspiration: As you navigate through the showroom, you’ll see a variety of styled spaces that showcase how different products can be used together. Each area is thoughtfully arranged to help you visualize potential designs for your own space.

Explore Products by Category

  • Product Categories: On the walls of our showroom, you’ll find products organized by category. This makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 2: Personalize Your Design

Customize with Design Center Displays

  • Interactive Displays: Use our design center displays to personalize your tables. These interactive tools allow you to swap out products and see how different items look in the context of a room.

View Options

  • Top Down 2D View: Get a flat, bird’s-eye view of your space. This perspective is great for understanding the layout and ensuring everything fits together spatially.
  • 3D View with Fly Over: Experience a fully immersive 3D view with the option to “fly over” your design. This allows you to see every angle and detail of your space, ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the arrangement.

Step 3: Share Your Vision

Create a Wish List

  • Add Items: As you finalize your personalized design, add your selected items to your Wish List. This helps keep track of everything you’ve chosen and ensures nothing is forgotten.

Send an Inquiry

  • Send Inquiry Button: Once your Wish List is complete, click the Send Inquiry button to begin the next step.
  • Fill in Your Details: A form will appear asking for your contact information and any additional notes or questions you might have.

Generate and Share PDF

  • PDF Generation: After submitting your details, a PDF will be generated containing all the items on your Wish List.

Sales Team Follow-Up

  • Receive a Formal Quote: Our dedicated team of Event Rental Specialists will review your Wish List and details, then reach out to you with a formal quote.
    • Personalized Service: Expect personalized service as our team works with you to finalize your rental and ensure all your needs are met.
    • Additional Assistance: If you have any further questions or need adjustments to your Wish List, our team is here to help.