Fashion vs. Functionality

Peacock Charisma

Just a quick thought as the day wraps up. Yesterday I sat down with a colleague and we talked about the linen business. The key takeaway from the conversation was Fashion and the fact that we are part of the fashion industry. Now, let’s be honest, not all linen rental companies fall into that category. Most of the rental companies are purely functional. You have a table and you need it covered, they can help. You want a poly napkin, they can help. We can do that too, but we also go way beyond functionality. When you are planning an event, it is special. It is special to you and the people that attend it. When we work with clients, we work with them to create their dream event. Doing so, comes at a cost. It does not mean you have to break the bank, but it means you have to spend money to get what you want. This is no different than picking out the perfect dress. You have to love what you pick out, not just like it. Our linens help you express a feeling or desire. They can transform the space from yawn to YES! So when you are thinking about that next event, call us. We know how to step it up a notch or two! Our continued goal is to move our clients beyond just functionality and into fashion.