The Notorious J.H.G. 90’s Hip Hop Bat Mitzvah

The Bar Mitzvah celebration, themed around 90’s hip hop culture, exuded a chic and laid-back ambiance, inviting guests to embrace the era’s cool and casual style. Held in a vintage theater, the event seamlessly integrated the mitzvah boy’s love for hip hop music and vibrant energy into every aspect of the decor and atmosphere.

Guests were encouraged to don sneakers, adding a playful and relaxed touch to the affair. The music playlist featured iconic tracks from the 90s hip hop scene, setting the tone for dancing and lively entertainment throughout the night.

From the stylish decor to the energetic ambiance, every detail of the Bar Mitzvah reflected the mitzvah boy’s personality and interests, creating a memorable and personalized celebration for all in attendance.

The Event Professional Team included:

Event Planning & Design – Star Trax Events
Photographer – Kate Saler Photography
Linens & Napkins – Fabulous Events
Venue – Garden Theater – Detroit, MI
Entertainment – Star Trax Events
Decor & Floral – Designs by Debbie LeClaire
Catering – Cutting Edge Cuisine
Dance Floor – Band-Ayd Events Group
Acrylic Furniture – Pruett Custom Event Rentals
Ghost Chairs – U Design Event Rentals
Day of Management – Red Coat Ladies

Together, this professional team worked collaboratively to execute the event vision, create a memorable experience for guests, and ensure that every aspect of the celebration exceeds expectations.