The Beaded White Placemat adds a touch of elegance to any table design. Its timeless, chic simplicity is the perfect match for accenting vibrant colors and bold patterns. Rent it here today.
White Beaded Placemat

Timeless and classic, the versatile White Beaded Placemat pairs perfectly with a myriad of linen to create an airy, bright atmosphere. Flat sided bamboo beads give this placemat a truly authentic feel, while the circular pattern compliments any striped or graphic tablecloth and simply yet tastefully accentuates tableware.

The Red Beaded Placemat injects drama and vibrancy to any table design with radiant red bamboo beads. This placemat is perfect for drawing focus to your table design in the simplest, most elegant way. Rent it here today.
Red Beaded Placemat

The Red Beaded Placemat is the perfect splash of excitement to pair with simple patterns and colors. The intriguing vibrant red creates drama in your table setting while the flat sided bamboo beads give a homey, authentic feel. Match it with a red centerpiece for a beautifully balanced burst of color!

The Green Beaded Placemat brings a calming touch with its emerald hue and simplistic woven pattern. This placemat pairs elegantly with minimalistic design and intricate styles alike. Rent it here today.
Green Beaded Placemat

The Green Beaded Placemat brings a natural serenity to your table. Elegantly simple, the familiar pattern and flat sided bamboo beads lend an authentic feel while the rich, vibrant color subtly accents any table design. It’s the perfect placemat for tranquil themes from the minimalistic to the intricate.

The Turquoise Beaded Placemat is bright and playful, tastefully complementing an array of patterns and palettes. The bold color and flattened bamboo beads marry traditional placemat style with today’s trends, sure to catch guests’ attention. Rent it here today.
Turquoise Beaded Placemat

The Turquoise Beaded Placemat adds an air of playful elegance to any table design. Trendy yet unique, this placemat elevates an array of linen patterns and palettes. Flattened bamboo beads also pair beautifully with all kinds of event themes, sure to catch your guests’ attention.

Whitewash Wicker Placemat Rental
Whitewash Wicker Placemat

Add instant natural elegance to any table with our Whitewash Wicker Placemat. From modern to contemporary, the subtle whitewash finish and intricately woven pattern injects texture and warmth to any style. Chic and organic, this versatile placemat infuses airy, rustic ambiance creating a transformative table design that echoes the beauty of nature. This placemat measures 15.25″.

Rent our Black Beaded Placemat for your next event
Black Beaded Placemat

The Black Beaded Placemat adds a touch of drama and elegance to any table design. Bohemian yet modern, this placemat elevates an array of linen patterns and palettes. The flat bamboo beads pair beautifully with all kinds of event themes, the perfect detail to add depth to your table.