Rent Amazing Geometric prints from Fabulous Events.
Navy Axis

Looking for a fun geometrical linen? Look no further, our Navy Axis is the perfect foundation for your next event.

NOTE: Our Navy Axis is part of our special order print collection.
This linen can be printed in any color combination.
All orders require a minimum of 2 weeks to create with the exception of in stock sizes.
Minimums Apply. Call TODAY for details, 877-200-2424.

Wedgewood Marquis Damask
Wedgewood Marquis Damask

Inspired by the infamously historical firm, our Wedgwood is a soft grayish blue that has a striped pattern in a easy taupe that creates this perfect latticework design. Add a crisp white napkin, and your design work will be complete. Do not forget that this hue will combine with many traditional colors from England and beyond.

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Bay Sonoma

Bay table Linen, part of the Sonoma Collection, represents the mix of sea and sky, a melding of blue and green tones that is unique to the California lifestyle. The color may defy exact description, but there’s no doubt that it’s a strong and beautiful option to use alone or mix with other colors. Exotic in an understated way, Bay table linen are a stunning choice for any season’s celebration.

Caspian Twill
Caspian Twill

Ease of our Classics, with a punch of elegance, our Twills are a unique find. These selections are somewhere between our Classic and Damask varieties, you will get the best of both worlds. Our Caspian hue is a mix of blue and green, but falls closer to that green shades. Some may see our Teal color, but is does have a little more blue added to finish it off. You will love the jewel tone flair, as you create your next table top design. Don’t forget to see how marvelous this combines with our Miramar and Graceful Sheer lines, since they will be the perfect blend at your next fete.

Lagoon Bravado
Lagoon Bravado

When looking at the definition of this distinctive word, you would find it described as a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress.???? That is exactly what you will do with this remarkable jacquard pattern, Impress! Not too feminine and not too masculine, this has the perfect design aesthetic, which will astonish at any celebration. Our Lagoon adaptation has an Apple Green interwoven with a Lagoon blue-green that creates an interpretation that is a dance of several silvery hues. Do not miss the opportunity to unite both sides together at the same , or use it alone with the coordinating Duet. Be bold, be unique, be impressive!


Boating through the vibrant waters off the coast of Bali to view spectacular hues of blues and tidal pool greens. The swirl of the cooling shades on our Lamour textile are magnificent. Deep Sapphire Blue to the lightness of our lagoon green in multilayered variances. Only Mother Nature could have created anything more amazing for your oceanic tabletop designer’s eye.

Sea Glass Faille
Sea Glass Faille

The softness of this Sea Glass Faille's pale blue-green hue has delicate luxury, enhanced when paired with the warmth of candles or other design elements.

Rent from Fabulous Events, the leader in event linen rentals. We have one of the largest selections of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins & chargers.
Aqua Fractal

In Aqua Fractal, not only the color, but the shapes formed by intersecting lines create a design that is as fresh as it is appealing. One of the choices in the Kaleidoscope Collection, Aqua Fractal has a lively energy that can be reined in just a bit or allowed to give full expression to a celebration. Just as the other options in this fascinating new linen collection, this is one that is sure to excite and inspire.

Aqua Perdido Blue Table Linen Rental for Events.
Aqua Perdido

Turquoise, sand, and charcoal accents splash gracefully across a sandy-white foundation. This linen moves like the aqua waves at Perdido Key, Florida. With its trendy color palette, Aqua Perdido is versatile and beautiful, allowing you to create the tablescape of your dreams. Beach-inspired, boho, classic, or upscale—this linen is on trend.

Aqua Rhythm
Aqua Rhythm

The simple definition of Rhythm is “movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions.” A perfect definition for this wonderfully constructed textile. Texture and pattern fabricated with a skill, and produces a look that will have all your guests amazed and wanting to feel the luxury. Available in amazing hues, this blue will remind you of the crystal blue waters Greece and beyond and a perfect highlight for all the hues found in your favorite tidal pool.

satin aqua
Aqua Satin

Our shiny satin adds a pop to your event. Available for rental in table linens, napkins and sashes.

Rent from Fabulous Events, the leader in linen rentals. We have one of the greatest selections of table linen rentals, chair covers, napkins & more.
Aqua Spectrum

Different from other linen patterns in the Kaleidoscope Collection, Aqua Spectrum relies on strong luminescent color for its infinitely appealing punch. The turquoise and ivory graining of this fantastic new linen choice will add beauty and depth to an event table, and help form the underlayment for unforgettable personal expressions. It is a unique and beautiful addition to this extraordinary collection.