Ice Clear Glass Charger
Ice Clear Glass Charger

Clear, subtle, unobstructed, limitless design.   These are just a few of the descriptive items that can be used to describe our Ice Clear charger.   There is no event or celebration where you cannot use this design to work in your menu and enhance its luxury.  Clear, but with a simple “iceberg” pattern, be confident and have fun with your next celebration.   And don’t forget, our chargers are crafted to be food safe, so you can use them within your design, as well as in your food service. Because of its fragility and weight, contact our experienced design specialists.

Rent our Scallop Luster Glass Charger from Fabulous Events for your Wedding, Gala, Special Event or Anniversary.
Luster Scallop Glass Charger

An iridescent pearl glimmering in the sun, Luster Scallop will add luster to your tablescape. Subtle pinks, blues, greens, and yellows reflect in the light on a pearly-white background. Like a shining opal with a scalloped edge, this coupe charger brings glamour to any event. All of our chargers are designed to be food safe, so you can use them in food service or to elevate your design.

Rent our Alabaster Milk Glass Charger for your Wedding or Special Event. Available Nationwide from Fabulous Events.
Milk Alabaster Glass Charger

Pure elegance, this fine white charger rimmed with a precise gold border is a graceful way to elevate the luxury of any event.  Milk Alabaster’s classical lines and colors are the epitome of refined taste and are as smooth as pure alabaster. Our chargers are all food safe and can be used to add elegance to your event or in food service.

Horizon Glass Charger Rental
Horizon Glass Charger

With dusk the sun paints the sky a prismatic array of colors. Impressive shades of dusty pink, mesmerizing hues of blue fading into darkened shadows of unexplored expanses, our Horizon charger embodies all this and more. This charger will give your guest all the awe and wonderment that fills you while observing one of nature’s wonderful works of art. All our chargers are crafted to be food safe, so you can use them in your design. As well as in your food service.

Rent our Pearl Lillian Glass Charger
Pearl Lillian Ceramic Charger

Add layers of fun-loving details to your place setting with our Pearl Lillian 12″ Charger. This white ceramic charger, with an edge reminiscent of luminous pearls, will perfectly complement and refine any design.

Sloane Porcelain Charger For Rent
Porcelain Sloan Glass Charger

Like the free-flowing artistry in porcelain, our Porcelain Sloane Charger sparks an instant fascination with its edge of graceful, interlocked circles. This white charger is the perfect complement to any dining occasion, time and time again.