Sloss Furnaces, A National Historic Landmark, produced iron for nearly 90 years, which gave rise to the city of Birmingham, AL. Now recognized as a National Historic Landmark, Sloss Furnaces with its web of pipes and tall smokestacks offers us a glimpse into the great industrial past of the South and our nation.

Today, Sloss Furnaces is more than a historical treasure. It is also a premiere events venue hosting weddings, corporate functions, formals, birthday parties and reunions. With six unique rental areas, Sloss Furnaces offers something for everyone. The historic nature of Sloss Furnaces makes for a memorable and unique location for any event. If you would like to see more Fabulous photos of the events held at Sloss, click here.

  • Event Location Sloss Furnaces - Birmingham, AL
  • Event Types Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Galas and more
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