Crystal Clear

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to design and execute the linens and decor for Anthony and Erica’s wedding. While we get to do this quite often, this one was extra special. Erica is our oldest Daughter and I was honored to get to pick out the decor.

Smith/Fisher Wedding

Originally Erica came to our west Bloomfield Gallery to look for what she wanted. Only to spend 90 minutes and looking at hundreds of linens, she could not decide. So my wife asked me to jump in and help out. At first I was reluctant as I wanted this to be her choice. Finally it was determined that nothing popped out to her and I was going to choose. The original colors were navy and gold, but I really did not want gold. Nothing in the wedding was gold, so why gold?

Smith/Fisher Wedding

Smith/Fisher Wedding

So after several weeks of thinking, I decided to use our Silver Alexandra Damask for the table linens. We custom made a navy shantung napkin with a matching poly back. Then we used our navy majesty dupioni on all the other tables. I showed my ideas to Anthony and Erica and they both loved it. That was where we left off, I kept everything else from them as I wanted it to be a surprise.

Smith/Fisher Wedding

The big day came and myself and my team converged on the reception location. The reception was at Waldonwoods located in Hartland, Michigan, in their tent overlooking the water. I’m not a huge fan of tents as there are so many unknowns when working in them. Including the need to hide or mask the frame.

Smith/Fisher Wedding

We started out by adding a triple layer backdrop behind the head table. The backdrop consisted of silver sateen, iridescent beads and white voile in the front. Once that was done, we hung 7 of our crystal spirals above the head table. These are 6’ long and look amazing when lit up. Then we framed in the dance floor with our crystal columns extended up to ~16 feet. We installed our wireless LED pinspots throughout the ceiling to light up the centerpieces as well as the crystal spirals. For the crystal columns and the perimeter of the room, we use our wireless LED Uplights. We lit the room in blue with white accents and switched over to red as the evening progressed.

Smith/Fisher Wedding

Smith/Fisher Wedding

As mentioned, we used our Silver Alexandra Damask on all the guest tables along with our Navy Shantung Napkins. We brought in our crystal clear Chiavari chairs and added a white tufted chair pad. When everything was set, the transformation was amazing. We received numerous compliments from guests and staff. The staff had commented that the tent had never looked so good.

Smith/Fisher Wedding

While we always work our hardest to make someone’s day just right, It is always great to hear feedback. We have left the comments open below to hear what you have to say about this amazing event.



Alex and Katie’s Big Day

For several years my friend Katie would tell me “You’re doing my wedding when I get married”! I gleefully smiled and agreed. During that same time period, I was fortunate enough to do the weddings for 2 other mutual friends. So last summer, when Katie call me, I was ecstatic to hear she had picked a date. The big challenge, Katie and Alex had just recently moved to California for their jobs.

Katie had emailed me many times with pictures of things she liked. All I could say was, “Let’s wait and see the venue first, then decide on the décor”. After the summer, Katie and Alex made one of several trips home to Michigan to plan their Big Day! Katie and Alex had chosen this new space called “The Eastern”. I had never heard of it before, but I was curious. We met down in Detroit at the venue and it was very raw and in some aspects untouched for decades. The owners had done some major updates, but left the rustic brick and paint alone.Running Men Mural at The Eastern At the time, Katie’s biggest concern aside from having to bring everything in, was the mural of the people running. Katie wanted it covered, but I talked her out of it. She did mention it a couple dozen times after that, but I kept reassuring her that covering it would be a bad idea. I thought it added a neat feature to the space and covering it would draw more attention that leaving it as is.

So the planning began and Katie and I shared ideas of what her and Alex wanted. They wanted Edison style lights strung inside and a chandelier over the dance floor. I thought to myself that now would be a great time to make a custom piece for this wedding. I sketched out what I was thinking and started buying parts. Edison Style Vintage ChandelierThen the parts sat on my floor for several months. It wasn’t until about a month ago that I finally put my thoughts on paper into reality. I really wanted this to be a unique piece that fit in with the venue and the other items we were doing. Lastly, I scoured the internet for vintage looking bulbs that were LED. I wanted to retain the vintage feel but be energy efficient at the same time. The entire unit was completed and it uses less than 100 Watts of power.

Oh, so back to the planning… The ideas all started to come together and everything was looking great. Katie and Alex were visiting from California a couple more times and we had a chance to continue working on the wedding. All of a sudden, Katie and Alex both decided that they wanted to move back to Michigan. And that’s what they did. They quit their jobs and came home to friends and family. It was a huge leap of faith for them to do that and I commend them on doing so.

So here comes the Big Day and I set out with my staff at 5:00AM to The Eastern to get everything set up. We also had to send staff to Comerica Park to set up chairs for the ceremony that was taking place there. The weather was not on our side and things started to look bleak. Not only was the ceremony outside, but we were stringing up lights outside The Eastern. I kept looking a the radar and it was not looking good. Now this being Michigan, you never know what will happen with the weather. So my staff and I set up everything outside as planned, in the rain!

By the time we finished installing all the tables and chairs, linens and lights, the rain picked up. I headed home to get ready for the ceremony. Remember, Katie and Alex are friends, so my wife and I were invited to the wedding as well. I was getting ready and rushing my wife out the door so we could stop back at The Eastern to check on the caterer and florist. We then headed over to Comerica Park for the ceremony and it was still raining. I was now stressing out over the rain. How could this happen to such great people? All the while, my wife kept reminding me that I did not bring an umbrella! Thanks dear for the reminder. The rain had slowed down and was now at a drizzle, but enough to make it miserable at best. We were standing around under cover at Comerica Park with close to 200 friends and family all there to see Katie and Alex get married. The staff at Comerica was diligently trying to dry the chairs off and vacuum up the puddles. All of a sudden, not more than 5 minutes before the ceremony, the rain stopped and the clouds slowly opened up. Everyone took their seats and closed their umbrellas. The ceremony took place and it was awesome.

After the ceremony was done, we had a little time to waste before the reception started. My wife and I walked around, went into a store and then to a little restaurant around the corner for a drink. We had a great time chatting with the family that lived across the street from Katie’s family. They watched her grow up and with their daughter and now get married. We sat and shared a few more stories before the time came to go to the reception. We all walked out of the restaurant and the sun was shining and almost all the clouds had moved out. The weather was amazing and the temperature was perfect. The reception was perfect from beginning to end. My wife and I had such a great time at this event as did all the others in attendance. The bride and groom were happy with everything! It was such a pleasure working for friends and getting to attend as well. I hope you like the photos we have to share. Lyle….

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

MacKenzie/McMichael Wedding

Top tips for renting your wedding table linens

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Asher/Bhat Wedding at The Ann Arbor Marriott YpsilantiYour wedding deserves to be special, and having great décor can make this happen. Your tablescapes decide the impact of your reception décor to a great extent. Good quality table linens that match your theme will increase the appeal of your décor manifold.

Good linens are expensive, and buying them for just your wedding day isn’t sensible nor economical. The cost-effective and efficient way to have beautiful tablescapes is to rent table linens from a reliable rental company.

The team from Best for Bride, the wedding dress chain from Canada, suggest the following tips for prospective brides to rent table linens for their wedding day.

Do your research early

Start your research for your wedding linens early, and you will have enough time to find the best choice for your budget and theme. You have to choose the right vendor, analyze your options, compare prices, fix the rest of the details and place your order. So, make sure you have enough time for all this.

Figure out the right size

The ideal linen size would depend on the type of tables at your venue. To identify this, you should know the table measurements. Add an extra 60 inches to the actual measure to ensure the table cloth you choose covers every visible area of the table, including the legs.

Try to personally check out colors and fabrics

Different companies may call the same fabric by different names. So it isn’t easy to understand what the description for an item actually means, till you see it in person. The safest way to understand what you will get is to visit the shop in person and see samples. Compare sample linens to correctly determine what you want for the impact you desire.

Understand the costs properly

Before you place your actual order, make sure you clearly understand what the costs include. The cost may or may not include shipping charges and setting up charges. So, clarify this point. The vendor may offer a discount if the order is for a weekday or in the off-peak season. Explore these options to get the best possible deal.

Always choose a reliable vendor

The rental company you choose will usually have used the linens previously at other events. Nevertheless, a good company will take care of its linens and you should receive a uniform lot with no faded or worn-out pieces. Good quality linens will affect the overall quality of your décor. So, choose a reliable vendor with good feedback to get your money’s worth.


This article was written by a guest author on behalf of Fabulous Events.

Author Bio: Best for Bride ( is a Canadian bridal destination, with an online shopping service option as well. They feature a wide range of designer wedding dress collections, bridesmaid’s dresses and dresses for special occasions. With wedding dress alterations, accessory sales and a range of vendor services, this bridal chain caters to every need of the modern bride.

Eighth Annual Keeping Kids in the Game at Comerica Park

Oh how time flies, it seems like it was only yesterday when we were planning the first Keeping Kids in the Game charity benefit. This coming Monday, August 1st, we will be celebrating the 8th annual Keeping Kids in the Game hosted by Miguel Cabrera.

It all started back on Thursday, July 9th, 2009. It was hosted by former Tiger, Brandon Inge, and now retired Shortstop Carlos Guillen. Every year since, the event has grown just a bit larger and has sold out each time. In addition, we have always had incredible weather regardless of the month.

Here at Fabulous Events, we are approached by several hundred organizations each year to participate in their event. As much as we would like to do them all, we just can’t. So each year we select 4 new causes based on a set of criteria here on our website. This is never an easy thing to do, but we do it. We also have chosen several organizations that we support on an annual basis. This organization is one of them. Keeping Kids in the Game is a benefit for children’s health and youth baseball hosted by our very own Miguel Cabrera from The Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Tigers Foundation. Miguel brings his infectious smile to every event, just as you see when he is on first base.

This event provides its donors an evening under the lights at Comerica Park. With exclusive access to the ballpark field and clubhouse, priceless auction items, private fireworks show, live entertainment and tons of food, this night is one for the books.

As of this post, I am not sure if the event is sold out or not, but it does sell out. If you cannot make it this year, make sure to attend next year. For more information, visit the Detroit Tigers Foundationdetroit-tigers-foundation I will update the post when I find out more.

Here are a few links to other great organizations that we support and you should too!






I hope to see you there!

Lyle Brous





Lyle Brous
Fabulous Events, Inc.

Pink, pink, and maybe a little blue or green

With the wedding season in full swing right now, planners, brides, grooms, and all those who follow are on the move to finalize each and every, and I mean EVERY little detail. This season, like many other, we are seeing a lot of pastels, mixed with accent darker color. For example, I cannot tell you how many times I have come across the ever popular blush and navy blue color palette when scrolling through Pinterest (which is multiple times a day). Even though I see this everywhere, it is a color palette that I do not get tired of seeing.

Pinks don’t have to be all pretty, pretty princess. Now having flashbacks to playing Pretty, Pretty Princess in my childhood friend’s living room. Man, what ever happened to that game? — Alright sorry, back to reality. Nowadays, grooms are becoming more involved with planning the big day. After all, it is there day too! In order to make the big event a little gender neutral and less girly, try mixing it some light pinks and dark blues, or greens.


There are so many tones of pink to choose from. My personal favorite is the blush, pastel pink. It is so classy and honestly looks good on everyone. Now if you do not want to fully indulge in the pinks, add subtle hints to your event. You can simply add it in your centerpieces, flower bouquets, or even (COUGH COUGH) table linens. Here are some ideas I have found and loved on Pinterest:

Screenshot (10)Screenshot (11)Screenshot (27)


And here are some of our fabulous linens, napkins, chair covers, etc. to inspire you to think pink, and maybe a little beyond 😉

Crinkle Taffeta Light PinkPink 2" PintuckCoral Majesty Dupioni

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Dark Blue PolyesterNavy/White 3" StripeNavy Blue Majesty Dupioni


Light Olive PolyesterArmy Green PolyesterHunter Green Matte Satin


If you haven’t already, go follow us on   Pinterest-Logo-2-300x300


Until next time,


Taylor Fons



Jay and Lisa’s big day at Motor City Casino

Every week we do dozens and dozens of weddings and other special events. Unfortunately I don’t always get the chance to be onsite for the install. This past weekend, I was able to be onsite during the entire install from the first linen going on the tables to the last light getting turned on. Jay Lazar and Lisa Rasansky Wedding Ceremony at Motor City Hotel and CasinoYou might ask why I am writing about it, simple, this is why we do what we do. We love creating events from beginning to end whether they are small or large.

This was the wedding for Jay Lazar and Lisa Rasansky. The ceremony was held at The Motor City Casino and Hotel and the reception which followed immediately was inside Sound Board. Planning for the big day started about a year ago and over the course of time, everything started coming together. We worked closely with Andrea Solomon, the wedding planner, along with Twig & Berries, the florist, to pull it off.

Lisa, the bride, wanted simple but elegant. We had a simple color pallet of silver, pink and white. In addition to the color, the client chose lots of crystals to be suspended from the ceiling. The florist hung sections of crystals over the aisle for the ceremony and we used our wireless pin spots to illuminate the panels to make them pop. We also draped the entire back wall behind the Chuppah and lit it up with hot pink LED’s to match the hot pink in the chandeliers.

Jay Lazar and Lisa Rasansky Wedding Ceremony at Motor City Hotel and CasinoIn the foyer between the ceremony and reception areas was the place card table covers with florals, candles and our silver iridescent crush table linens. The guests place cards were all in small silver frames.

Heading into the Sound Board was my favorite part of the event. Here we were able to take an already amazing space and make it even cooler! We started by suspending 6 of our 20’ crystal columns from the overhead trussing and lit them in pure white with our LED lights.Jay Lazar and Lisa Rasansky Wedding Reception inside Sound Board at the Motor City Hotel and Casino Throughout the room, we used a combination of 3 different table linens all in the same color, but various textures. We used our Platinum Loveable, our Silver Manhattan Sheer and our Silver Iridescent Crush. We took the menu cards and wrapped them with our Charcoal Majesty napkins. We brought in our Silver Chiavari chairs with white leather pads for all of the tables. Following behind us, Twig & Berries did an assortment of centerpieces at various heights and styles to draw your eyes to the tables. While the venue already had a ton of lighting, we added another 3 dozen LED uplights to illuminate the ceiling area above the seating areas. Together with the A/V techs from the Sound Board, we lit the room up in white, pink and light purple. It was stunning to say the least.Jay Lazar and Lisa Rasansky Wedding Reception inside Sound Board at the Motor City Hotel and Casino

We hope you will take some time to flip through the photos we have here. We just love what we do here at Fabulous Events and I hope you can see some of our love through these photos. We also hope you will call on us to put together the event of your dreams, whether here in Detroit, or anywhere in the US.

To see more great photos from the event, click HERE.


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